National Game Show Day

June 1st is now National Game Show Day!

In partnership with Fremantle and the National Calendar Day organization, Family Feud is excited to announce the first-ever #NATIONALGAMESHOWDAY (June 1). Today’s holiday aims to recognize the hard work and creativity that goes into producing game shows, one of the oldest and most cherished genres on TV.

Fun fact: The first TV game show in the U.S. was 1940’s Truth or Consequences, hosted by Ralph Edwards. The show asked contestants to answer trivia questions correctly—or face the consequences by performing a zany stunt. Some of its most popular successors have included:

  1. To Tell the Truth (1956–1978; 1980–1981; 2000–2002; 2016–Present)
  2. Match Game (1962–1969; 1973–1982; 2016–2021)
  3. Jeopardy! (1964–75; 1984–Present)
  4. The Price is Right (1972–Present)
  5. Wheel of Fortune (1975–Present)
  6. The Gong Show (1976–1978)
  7. Family Feud (1976–1985, 1988–1995; 1999–Present)
  8. Hollywood Squares (1966–1981)

National Game Show Day honors both vintage and current game shows, their hosts, and the fans of yesterday and today. To help celebrate, fans can engage by watching their favorite game shows and cheering contestants on and playing along from home.

If you’d like to watch vintage game shows, check out the BUZZR network and streaming platforms, which have been sharing classics from the early-1940s to the late-2000s. The network’s iconic line-up includes Match Game, Family Feud, Press Your Luck, and Supermarket Sweep. Beloved personalities that appear on BUZZR include Betty White, Gene Rayburn, Richard Dawson, Pat Sajak, and Monty Hall.

You can also grab your family and friends to play a game show board game at home. (To find Feud’s, head here.)

Share your love for game shows by tagging #NationalGameShowDay on social media, and please join us in making the first-ever National Game Show Day one to remember!