Madeline Hawley: Family Feud's Chief Canine Officer

Family Feud’s Chief Canine Officer Maddie Hawley weighs in!

It takes a diverse cast of characters with a range of talents, interests, and personalities to make Family Feud extraordinary every day. Enter Maddie, our co-executive producer Brian Hawley’s dog. For the past eight seasons, Feud’s self-proclaimed top dog has supported the show and cast with her offscreen antics. Maddie answers life’s questions below. Just kidding, but she does enjoy the spotlight.

Maddie and Brian Hawley at the family podium

Legal name: Madeline Hawley

Nicknames: Mads, Mad Hatter, Maddie-Get-Off-My-Chair, Maddie About Treats

Feud title: Chief Canine Officer

Years on set: 8 human years, 56 dog years

Dream episode: Cats vs. Squirrels

Favorite TV channels: Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet, but I tell everyone to watch The Feud!

Backstage routine: Lapping water, drooling, then sharing a wet muzzle with the staff (especially Kristin and Stephanie)

Best lesson learned on set: Hitting the buzzer doesn’t get you snacks

Madeline Hawley: Family Feud's Chief Canine Officer

Favorite team member: The boss (aka Gaby Johnston). The best start to any day is a visit to Gaby’s office for treats. 11/10 nap rating too.

Maddie napping on Gaby's couchBest action on the set: Riding in a golf cart with Brian around Universal Studios. We might have snuck into the Minions Ride when no one was watching.

Maddie and Brian Hawley at the family podium Maddie on the lot

Pre-show tradition: Dancing to warm-up music with Kristin (co-executive producer) in the crow’s nest.

Maddie and co executive producer Kristin Bjorklund

Good day omen: Bumping into Steve backstage as the song “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton was playing in the studio.

Dream job: I sleep under Brian’s desk on set, but I am training to fill in for him (in exchange for treats of course).

Maddie on set
Maddie wearing a production headset
Favorite road trip: Annual trips with Brian to Atlanta that turn into adventures. I maybe became a little obsessed with gondolas in Telluride.

Maddie in Atlanta Maddie in Telluride

Relationship status: Boyfriend named Riley (see above), but it’s complicated. Secretly dreaming of meeting Steve’s dog “Bear”. “I bet he smells yummy. And those ears…”, says Maddie.

Partner in crime: Louie (two of our staff members Nicole and Bryce Keigley’s mini schnauzer) has a crush on me. He is a fun, playful and curious little guy who might just be the right man for me after all. Could this be the start of another great family?

Louie a.k.a. Maddie's BFF Maddie and Louie in front of the stage