Epic Fast Money Rounds

2018’s most incredible Fast Money rounds!

Get out the popcorn and check out our top 10 unforgettable Fast Money moments for 2018. These are some of the most EPIC COMEBACKS we’ve ever had on the Feud!

Can Tao AKA “The Human Cupcake” collect 79 points to score $20,000 in Fast Money cash? Let’s just say… it’s going to be REAL close. Take a look, you don’t want to miss this one!

Wayne DESTROYS Fast Money! Check out his incredible performance!

Jesse pulls out a miracle for the Federgreens! Check it out!

Comeback of the CENTURY! Final answer 64 points! WOW!!!
Mo needs 56 points with his final answer to scoop $20,000 for the Farunia family… Impossible, right? Oh wait…

Wanna win Fast Money? CALL NICOLE
Kenan scored 59 points in Fast Money leaving the Wilkersons needing a massive 141 points. That’s no problem… if your name is Nicole! Check out her incredible come back!

WOW! Stephy wins Fast Money by ONE POINT!
This Fast Money comeback is CRAZY! Check it out!

HUGE final answer! Incredible Fast Money COMEBACK!!!
Pasquale pulls off the impossible with an amazing final answer win! Steve Harvey is blown away! Don’t miss it!

Steve Harvey is STUNNED! AMAZING COMEBACK on the Feud!!!
Ben comes STORMING BACK for an incredible Fast Money win! Steve is shocked!

HYSTERICAL Fast Money – Don’t miss the ENDING!!!
The Dehart family gave us an unforgettable Fast Money with laughs, surprises and a fantastic finish you won’t want to miss! Check it out!

After Mike opens up with 60 points, scoring $20K looks impossible for the Grangers. Then Kyle comes out… Don’t miss this amazing Fast Money!

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