Best of 2018

2018’s greatest Family Feud moments!

Here they are just for you… the most hysterical laugh-out-loud clips from 2018! Watch all the craziest answers… the funniest Steve Harvey moments… and the most epic fails from a fabulous year of Family Feud! Enjoy!

Name a number that most men exaggerate…

The country of… Paris???
Name a country a man with a mustache should visit to meet a woman with a mustache…

Steve’s first kiss on the Feud!
It’s another first on the Feud! You don’t want to miss this!

Stripper Steve… It’s a package deal!
We asked 100 women… Name a reason you’d like to see Steve Harvey perform at Chippendales…

Here’s a tip. That ain’t up there!
Fill in the BLANK… Tip of the BLANK…

Steve Harvey gets sandwiched!!!
Ever heard of a Steve Harvey sandwich? Neither had Steve… until now! Watch what happens!

Steve Harvey to Scott: that’s the dumbest thing you could’ve said!
Steve Harvey goes off on Scott over this answer! You won’t believe what Scott said!

They’re fighting on the Feud stage!
Wow! Don’t miss this OFF THE WALL moment! Steve Harvey says this is the best demonstration he has EVER SEEN on Family Feud!

Everybody’s in on this. Except DWAYNE!
Name something that might be leaking where a plumber would be no help…

HEARTWARMING MOMENT! Steve Harvey gives Sara her diploma!
It’s Sara John’s graduation day and Steve Harvey is on hand to make it official! Don’t miss this awesome moment!

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