January Top 5 Moments

Top 5 moments from January 2019!

January was another amazing month on Family Feud and we had more than a few jaw dropping moments that we wanted to share with you. From Regina telling Steve Harvey all about Mr. Wiggle to Steve discovering the existence of a little video game called Fortnite, there’s something for everyone in our January Top 5!

Guy Fact #38. TEXTS don’t interrupt SEX
We asked 100 single men… What would you do if the woman you were making love to started texting…

Steve Harvey: What is FORTNITE???
Turns out everybody’s been playing Fortnite… except Steve Harvey!

OMG Jessica! Not in front of Dianne!
Steve Harvey yells at Jessica for giving THIS ANSWER in front of her opponent Diane. But what does Dianne REALLY think? Find out!

LOOK OUT! Alice and Steve Harvey GO AT IT!
Alice is getting mad at Steve! See what they’re fighting about!

Mr. Wiggle
Don’t miss this hysterical moment! Regina tells Steve Harvey ALL about Mr. Wig…

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